Notebook – Operation Clancy

Hello all … the activities below are suitable for mid primary children to upper primary and lower high school students – even those who do not usually enjoy writing.

The idea is first, to appreciate your view of the world which is special and unique and then to find words to describe what happens for you when you make a special effort to see the world a little more clearly. The questions lead in to the things a writer must know to make their writing for real and not just a carbon copy of something else.

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About Setting

Read Chapter 3

Think of the following – hold the image in your mind and then write. Write quickly, read and then edit: for vivid writing remember use your senses – what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

  • A place real or imagined that you feel is a safe place.
  • A place real or imagined that you consider dangerous.
  • Imagine:
    • being on a train;
    • inside your favourite restaurant or food outlet;
    • in the centre of a city at night;
    • in the early morning;
    • in the afternoon;
  • Write about your street or any place whether in the country or city where you live.
  • Write about a person or people in those settings if that is important to you and a part of that scene.

About Character

Read Tony’s thoughts on his Uncle Nick on page 15.

  • Write a ‘list’ poem or a quick description of somebody well known to you – a parent, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa or friend…
  • Write a self portrait – with likes and dislikes, fears and hopes. Write as a list poem or in prose.
  • If you were an animal or a bird what would you like to be? Imagine you are that creature and write.  

Read Chapter 10 or 34

  • Write or draw an interesting ‘baddie’. Try beginning with an animal you fear – turn them into a person.

Ask yourself: what does the baddie want? How does he get what he wants?

Point of View

Read Chapter 34

Kim is deeply involved in the story at this point, but his role is seen through Tony’s eyes. Write Kim’s story using a first or third person narration. Tell the story of Kim and his ferrets from when he leaves home.

Write your own thriller – see hints in the writing section.