Current Publications


A story for teens and the young at heart.

Children of Morwena

A novel for teenagers and older readers.

Operation Clancy

A story suitable for young adults 11-14 yrs.

Leaping the Tingles

A story for mid to upper primary and lower high school.


A junior novel that can be enjoyed by older readers.

Past Publications

By Macmillan Publishers Australia:

The Potter’s Son (2007) newly released mid October,
Story: ‘Flood Zone’ in Xtreme Weather, (2001)

By Fremantle Arts Centre Press and distributed nationally by Penguin Books:

Dreamstone, (2005) 
Children of Morwena (2002) 
Leaping the Tingles (2001) 
Operation Clancy (1996)

Short Fiction & Poetry in various community publications including:

Taking Lucy Home (2007), Woorilla Literary Magazine, October Issue,
Scars in Marganata,FAWWA publication.