Aberash: A Mysterious Land Downunder

A story for teens and the young at heart.

Twins, Lori and Cade Mason believe they are ordinary kids without a Merit for Good Work between them.

The last to be picked for teams or chosen for the lead part in concerts. So why are they singled out when their school, Brightday High, is jinxed by a wizard?

And why, when they need to stay city bound to join the search for the missing, Ms Alayah, do their parents, Robert and Petronella, send them up country – to Samuel – a distant cousin they don’t even know.

What lies ahead for the twins is an astonishing journey – a rip-roaring adventure peopled with the good, the bad and the terrible.

Are the ever so ordinary Lori and Cade up for it? Or will they find what they most fear and go for it?

The magic, the knowledge and the heart.

Thank you so much to you and Helene for having me on board for this project. It’s been such a joy for me and you’ve both been so kind and encouraging, so thank you! I hope Helene’s beautiful words and story are seen, heard, devoured and enjoyed by thousands of teenagers, far and wide! I’m certainly going to introduce the book to my nieces in a couple of years when they’re old enough! Thanks so much, and would love to work with you again!

Paige Gardiner – Narrator of Aberash: A Mysterious Land Downunder