Books by Helene Smith

Helene Smith is best known for her children’s books, including Aberash, The Potter’s Son, Operation Clancy,   Leaping the Tingles, Dreamstone and Children of Morwena.

Audiobooks Now Available

Helene is delighted to announce that the audiobook edition is now available for Aberash and Children of Morwena.
The links to the audiobooks are below each book.

Thank you so much to you and Helene for having me on board for this project. It’s been such a joy for me and you’ve both been so kind and encouraging, so thank you! I hope Helene’s beautiful words and story are seen, heard, devoured and enjoyed by thousands of teenagers, far and wide! I’m certainly going to introduce the book to my nieces in a couple of years when they’re old enough! Thanks so much, and would love to work with you again!

Paige Gardiner – Narrator –  Aberash: A Mysterious Land Downunder


A story for teens and the young at heart.

Children of Morwena

A novel for teenagers and older readers.

Operation Clancy

A novel suitable for young adults 11-14 yrs.

Leaping the Tingles

A story for mid to upper primary and lower high school.


A junior novel that can be enjoyed by older readers.

You can find more information about each of these books including reviews, extracts from letters, illustrations, writing activities and where to purchase the book, in the Books section of this web site.

Creative Writing

For writers young and old and teachers who wish to inspire a love of books and writing:

Within these pages you will find keys to the heart and framework of narrative; understanding setting and the links between character and plot as well as hints and pointers to find the writer within yourself.

You can find more information about creative writing, including resources for teachers and students in the Creative Writing section of this web site.

About Helene Smith

I was raised in a rural area at Linfarn, Manjimup, Western Australia. My school teacher mother handed on a love of literature and a tradition of story telling which, for me became a life long passion. 

After a short nursing career, I married a school teacher and raised a large family.I wrote covertly as a young mother – short fiction, private journal writing and poetry, honing my craft through TAFE correspondence courses. After studying Education and English and obtaining a degree as a mature student at Edith Cowan University in Bunbury, Western Australia, I wrote my first book. Operation Clancy (1994) was inspired by my wish to produce an ‘easy to read’ thriller for reluctant older readers.

Since then, the sheer joy of invention and a fascination with the writing process has kept me in there. I am an experienced presenter and writer/facilitator in schools and in community centres and institutions for adult learners and delight in sharing the writing process with others.


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