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Wohunk Quiz

Celia and Nat have decided to test you all with a few questions to see if you have any unusual qualities. To find out if you are a Wohunk Kid, fill in the following form. Good luck!

Are you a wohunk kid?

Use your mouse to click in the circle next to the answer you think most sounds like you. Then click your mouse on the button marked "Am I a wohunk kid?"

1. Do your feet ever become strangely light?

Yes, when I wear my luminescent toe rings.

2. Do your feet ever become strangely heavy?

Yes, when I wear lead shoes.

3. Have you ever had a craving for cherries?

Yes, often.
No, never before.
Recently, yes.

4. Have you had any problems with being possessed?

Only a few times.
My brain took over from my body.
Do you take me for an idiot?.

5. Does gravity sometimes fail to work on you?

Of course not.
Only occasionally.
Yes, at the same time my feet become light.

6. Are you known to indulge in flights of imagination and /or experimentation?


7. Do you favour documentation of the weird or unusual?


8. Have you ever read 'Leaping the Tingles' by Helene Smith?

Certainly! Hasn't everybody?
It was the best book I've ever read!
No, but I wish I could.
No, and I don't plan to.

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