The Potter's Son (2007).

The Potter's Son

ISBN 978 1420262056

Published by Macmillan Publishers Australia.

Alexander is a champion athlete, but has lost the will to run. Kado lives in the wilds, and has lost everything he ever had. Will the unlikely friendship between the two lonely boys help them find what they are looking for? Find out in this gripping mythic tale.

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The Potter's Son is part of the Springboard series published by Macmillan Publishers Australia. Their website contains lesson plans and suggestions for teachers relating to The Potter's Son and other books in the series.

From the Author

Myths can be understood as magic mirrors which reflect not only our own hopes and fears but those of people from the earliest time. Mythology - G Scott Littleton

The Potter’s Son is a modern myth about friendship and loss. It draws on the idea of champion sportsman as hero of the 21st century and explores the loneliness of the ‘winner’ when he falls from grace.

In this story the superhero is challenged to see himself in a different way – to look at the world through another pair of eyes.

A shift in viewpoint allows the reader to share in that world view. Interlocking themes involve ones place in the natural world and within the human family. Are these two streams of existence possible? 

The Potter's GardenThe imaginary setting for the The Potter's Son was inspired by the mythology of the magnificent wilderness areas of Australia and in particular by, a slumberous old serpent, the Gascoyne River and its tributaries, which altogether wind a course of some 2000 kilometres to the sea.

Equally this story arose from my interest in what is believed to be the first epic poem known to us. It was written on twelve clay tablets in the Sumerian language known as Akkadian in c.1600BC by the scholar, Sin-lege-unnini. This is the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu who becomes his friend

After working on the partly completed manuscript over years, I came to realize The Potter’s Son needed to be a little book.  It emerged over a few weeks with its bones in tact and lean flesh as though relieved to be shaking off the unwanted words.