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From Tyke the Insect Collector

Insects are many, a million kinds or more.
You find them on the ground, in the air
Even on the ocean floor
With long flat hind legs for oars.

Insects are adaptable, amazing creatures.
Many detect smells with their antennae.
Some taste with their feet.
Some hear through the hairs on their bodies.
Others have ears on their legs
Or the sides of their bodies.
Insects don’t have voices but they can be heard.


young insect

This is me as a young insect.


today I'm a slave

Today I'm a slave


figment of imagination

I'm just a figment of someone's imagination


me too

Me too. Wish I were an insect...or something


distant relative

A distant relative.


insects yuk

Insects! Yuk! Give me arachnids any day. The Stump

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