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Hello… I never thought I’d be on a fun page, but here goes…

My name is Clancy and I guess in away I didn’t exist until now.  Not that I’m a new-born: I’m twelve and I have a mum and dad who love me. But I must say they’re pretty boring. Everyday the same – Nick and Marcella Mara on the balcony above our health food shop in the middle of Perth City, sipping on cranberry juice and rustling the morning papers.

They laugh a lot. I’ll say that for them but sometimes they peep over the pages to stare at one another like they’ve won a lottery prize and then they stare at me – as if our being here at all is some kind of miracle.  Weird!

Get up, go to school, get up go to school – that’s no miracle. Sorry, I know this is supposed to be fun. I wish Tony was here. It’s always fun when Tony comes over. That reminds me. I have to tell him about the scarecrow of a man who came into the shop yesterday…at least I think he did. There one moment – gone the next.

Here I am making healthy sandwiches for the customers while Dad’s out the back watering the quince tree. First thing I know, this man taps me on the shoulder with a pale bony hand. He grips my shoulder really hard until I feel his sharp nails through my thin T-shirt..
  ‘Tony Jones … It is you, isn’t it… I can’t believe I’m in the right place.’ I feel his voice raspy and quick, kind of breathless in my ear.   
     ‘Ca… can I help you?’ I stutter and gulp as he reaches for my wrist.
He thinks I’m Tony. My mind shifts into overdrive. Detective Tony Jones – that’s my brother.  Now Tony’s nearly six feet tall, but at twelve, he looked a lot like me. Everyone says so. Where are you Tony? I wish you were here now, I wish so hard my eyes are shut, my fingers clenched into two white fists.

Within seconds, it’s all over. Dad’s standing there with Mr Pham’s pet ferret over his shoulder and the man’s gone. Zap. Just like that. Was he for real? What can I tell Tony? There’s nothing to tell, really, so why bother?
From CM

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