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young girl

Welcome all – but beware. Strong magic is here. Just a few moments ago this young girl (left) was quite an old woman.

If you can live with that, then climb aboard our Fun Carriole.

Along the journey you will find a Guest Writer - Clancy – his purpose and identity unknown; a poet - Callum T- who does not want to write a poem; a Health adviser - Aunty Hetty of Leaping the Tingles fame- who gives us recipes including one for tree food muffins; and a curious Family portrait gallery.

Have fun!

(click here if you don't know what a carriole is...)


from Leaping the TinglesDid you enjoy reading "Leaping the Tingles"?

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Note: Many of these games were set up by Helene's grandsons, Bradley and Michael, several years ago. Some of the games use Java from Eric Harshbarger at

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